Monday, June 13, 2011

Be Bigger Than Idiots.

You know those idiots that use their blog to vent about how much they hate their lives?

I could never be one of those anymore. I've read too much boring crap on blogs about people who are extremely self-absorbed, and I've realized how unfulfilling it is to live a life like that. It's one thing to blog about your day, about the events that shape you; however, it's a complete other thing to rant ON AND ON AND ON about events that are MEANINGLESS to others! If you want to talk about yourself, make it private. Write about those events, but don't interest us with a blog that promises creativity and originality only to crumble into the facade of endless raves. You'd be an idiot.

You know those idiots that comment anonymously?
GOSH. If you're not brave enough to say it to the world with your name stamped on it, don't say it at all! I am the first to say that I have commented twice anonymously on blogs: once to back up a friend that needed backing up, and once as a joke on my brother's wall when he obviously knew it was me. Both times I have admitted it was me. I'm talking about the trash talking, evil-spreading, scandalous comments that have people scratching their heads and wondering what kind of idiot would post something
without their name on it. I'm tired of blame shifting due to anonymity. Be brave. Be bold. Be bigger than anonymous comments. Don't be an idiot.

You know those idiots that use blogs as their own personal vendetta?
I'm not gonna lie right now. I've had a few vendetta blogs. Not to any extreme with names listed and obvious vendettas revealed, but there have been a few minor rants. However, I'm talking about people who make it their day's goal to make it KNOWN that they hate certain people. How lame can you be, writing a vendetta on a BLOG? Like it's gonna get optioned to be a movie script. "ehmagawd, can you believe how lame ***** is? it's like.. ehmagawd. they WANT ME. they so want me." dude... they're idiots.

You know those idiots that blog about their babies?
Okay, that's cute.