Thursday, June 6, 2013

Freedom without Regina in our lives. (No, Not Regina George)

Do you watch that show "Once Upon a Time?"

My best friend and I have been avidly watching the seasons on a nightly basis, and one character that repeatedly breaks our heart is that of the evil queen, who in this show is named "Regina."

Regina's entire life has been a manipulation; she has been the puppet strung along to her mother's dainty whims, and in the end she became more evil than anyone in the show (except for her mother.) She refuses to make good choices (except when they affect her well being) and continually hurts and deceives the "good" characters until she is left with no friends and no resources.

By the end of season 2, her mother has died, she has discovered that she was manipulated into being evil, and she has lost her son to his biological mother; further, that son wants nothing to do with her and begins a campaign against her to destroy her.

Most people feel bad for Regina.

I don't.
wanna know why?

I identify with Regina. I don't think I deserve people's pity, sympathy, or even empathy for the wrongs that I commit. I am human, yes, and my sin is the same as other people's, yet something about the wrongs that have been committed against me fuel my desire to get even- and that takes me to another whole level of evil.
Therein lies another reason I identify with the evil queen- I'm bad, and I know it. I know it and most of the time, I embrace it. I breathe it in and let it consume me.

We all do that. We all should identify with the desire for power, the need for evil to consume us because then we feel unbeatable, the blood lust that unleashes our desire for revenge toward those who have broken our hearts.

You know what we need? A savior (Enter Emma)
Emma is the savior of Storybrooke. She defeats the evil curse that has enveloped the town; and, for a time, she defeats Regina's evil and strips her of her evil magic.
Jesus has defeated the evil curse that sin has put over our hearts.

We no longer have to choose to be Regina. And that is freedom.