Saturday, September 8, 2012

Dear Previous Me

Dear Diary,
I just want to be treated like I matter.
Like those around me see the girl
God created me to be.
But being rejected just makes me sadder
And the opinion of the world
Starts to matter to me.

Dear Previous Me,
I read the words you wrote the other day
I read them, and I just want to say:
No matter who hurt you,
No matter how bad,
No matter the reason,
No matter how sad,
You're going to be okay.

Take Your Like and Raise You Love

Colors, once bright, now fade to grey
Light doesn't matter at the end of the day
Fear steals in when you start to say I love you.

This is wrong, this has to be wrong.
You can't put feelings inside of a song.
Heartbeat short, and silence so long
All because you said I love you.

Don't say it.
Please don't say it.
Hold it inside, save it for the hail.
Save it for the rocky times
When meaning, above all else, is a verb.