Monday, September 23, 2013

Don't Love My Body and I Won't Love Yours

Let me just say that I am no feminist.

I am probably as far from feminism as you could possibly be. Unlike many women of this age, I would probably ENJOY making my significant other a sandwich. Sandwiches rock.

However, something was brought to my attention that is not only worth writing about, it is worth attempting to change a lifestyle of both men and women.

I have overheard conversations of multiple friends where they have commented that they "love their girlfriend/boyfriend's body."

I wonder if  they realize how degrading that is to their significant other. When asked about the relationship or what they like about their partner, all they can think to comment on is a fleeeting product of energy spent on themselves? Out of the hundreds of characteristics; out of the very soul of a person destined for great things, they comment on something that is currently decaying and dying no matter what they do about it?

When my future husband describes me, I don't want to hear that they love my body. They can tell me that in the budoir (hell, if we're in the budoir I should know that they love it wink wink) I don't want to hear that I'm sexy or hot. I want to hear that I am worth loving; every piece of me- every ounce of the soul that lives forever is worth serving. That my faults are just as wonderful as my strengths because that is what makes me ME. That the amount of muscle in my thighs and stomach are not nearly as comparable to the amount of time I read the Bible or desire to grow closer to my Savior. That they are not hungry for my flesh; no, that they are hungry for my soul.

I will leave nothing to be desired in my body; it is a temple and I want to treat it that way. But that is not worth loving. I am worth loving. Trinity Cuff is worth loving.

Sunday, September 8, 2013


I swear one night isn't enough
And one passing glance isn't love
But I knew when your eyes met mine
As the clock struck at half past nine
There was no going back, no
No getting off this road

You made me wanna write a love song about you
You made me wanna never forget about you
Sometimes life has a funny way of showing up
And sometimes fate has no way of giving up
Until we collide

unfinished, of course.