Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Freedom is Alone

Freedom lies with loss
It sleeps with danger
For in searching to be free
I become a stranger

For I am lost to my reality
Far away from home
But I have finally reached
Where i am free to roam

Freedom lies with death
I seek that place of peace
For in the still of solitude
All my thoughts do cease


Little Lotte said...

So...this is pretty well written dude. Not gonna lie. No wonder I think you're a writing genius!! Except when you leave letters out lol

theguide42 said...

Sharai, you're so right. This is up there with Paula Nancy Millstone Jennings.

Anonymous said...

Apparently, the vote is unanimous. This is good.

theguide42 said...

Oh Jocelyn, even the most blatant sarcasm escapes you, doesn't it? By Hercules...alas for our generation.

peroxideblondie said...

yes, it is rather humorous that Paula Nancy Millstone Jennings escaped Jocelyn, the beer wench. She seems to be the type that would get that.

Anonymous said...

Oh shut up...just because I don't recognize every falsehood Andrew presents doesn't change my opinion.

Don't mock me Starlight :P (This is what I get for making fun of so many people today...hahaha)

Sunchild said...

I like your first two lines "Freedom lies with loss, It sleeps with danger." It's not only poetic but true. I looked up the chinese word for freedom which is 自由 pronounced "zi you," and it literally means self- cause or self-reason, which sounds.. independent? Lonely? Just thought it went well with what you were saying there. Wonderful writing. I enjoy your thoughts. ^_^